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Paper is all around us, playing an essential role in our day to day lives. Through the provision of quality paper products; we, at Alekhlas Group, are committed to make your everyday experience with paper pleasing, satisfying & environmentally safe. By employing our expertise and knowledge in the area of processed paper;  Alekhlas Group is able to supply customers with a vast range of products sure to meet their diverse needs.


Duplex ( Reels – Sheets )
duplex board,duplex board with grey back,paperboard ,coated duplex board with grey back , coated duplex board with white back , 1 Side Coated Duplex Board Grey Back , grey board , Uncoated Duplex Board Grey Back , Uncoated duplex board with white back

Country of origin ursprungsland : 

Sweden Duplex – Tunisia Duplex  – Saudi Duplex  – WIEG Duplex  – Duplex FBB  – Spain Duplex  – Reno Duplex  – M.M Duplex  .


Printing&Copying Paper ( Reels – Sheets )

Woodfree uncoated paper (WFU) or uncoated fine papers are manufactured using wood that has been processed into a chemical pulp that removes the lignin from the wood fibers and may also contain 5–25% fillers.

Both softwood and hardwood chemical pulps are used and a minor part of mechanical pulp might be added (often of aspen or poplar). These paper grades are calendered.

printing paper – Barchman (colors) – Bristol – Coated Paper .

Country of origin ursprungsland :

Biyhasol – Indonesia – Portugal – India – Thailand  – Finland – Sweden – Germany-  Brazil  .


Fluting &Test liner ( Reels – Sheets )
Containerboard, also referred to as CCM or corrugated case material, is a type of paperboard specially manufactured for the production of corrugated board. The term encompasses both linerboard and corrugating medium (or fluting), the two types of paper that make up corrugated board. Since container board is made mainly out of natural unbleached wood fibers, it is generally brown, although its shade may vary depending on the type of wood, pulping process, recycling rate and impurities content. For certain boxes that demand good presentation white bleached pulp or coating is used on the top ply of the linerboard that goes outside the box.

EX European Fluting – Local Fluting – EX European test liner – Local test liner – EX European Kraft liner – Local Kraft liner – EX European white top – Local white top – Local White top (Manila) – White top Gray . 

Fluting – Test liner – Kraft Liner – White Top – Gray X White .

Country of origin ursprungsland : 

Sweden – Tunisia   – Saudi  – Spain  – Italian   – Germany . 


Newsprint ( Reels – Sheets )

is a low-cost, non-archival paper most commonly used to print newspapers, and other publications and advertising material.Newsprint is generally made by a mechanical milling process, without the chemical processes that are often used to remove lignin from the pulp. The lignin causes the paper to rapidly become brittle and yellow when exposed to air and/or sunlight. Traditionally, newsprint was made from fibers extracted from various softwood species of trees (most commonly, spruce, fir, balsam fir or pine). However, an increasing percentage of the world’s newsprint is made with recycled fibers.

Standard Newsprint – Newsprint for wrapping and lapping  .

Country of origin ursprungsland : 

Russia – Sweden .




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