First Industrial zone westren extension, piece 12, block 20027, Obour City, EGYPT

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Al Ekhlas Group



Al Ekhlas Group  was founded  for the purpose of trading all kinds of paper cutting and  Converting paper , import , export , trade and commercial agencies and do all the printing business through specialized Companies
as the Following :

Al Ekhlas For Trading , Import and Export

Al Ekhlas For  Industry , Import and Export

Al Ekhlas Press .

The Group aims to provide all Customers as Professionalism in Marketing and Trading Paper and Manufcturing Board and printing and we aimed to Produce Our Services to Local and International Markets  .

Company has got the lead agency for the trade and distribution of Italian inks within the Arab Republic of Egypt . 


Printing and advertising

Al Ekhlas Press was founded as of April 8, 2008 recording a commercial Cairo office at the following address:  8  Said el Samaty , Taj El Dinn –
AinShams , Cairo



Cut and convert paper

 The company was founded from April 8, 2013 Commercial Registration Office of the Chamber of Commerce Qalubia at the following address: The first industrial zone western extension , Plot 12 – Block 20027 , Obour City , Qalubia



Trade, import and export

The company was founded  from February 21, 2010 Commercial Registration Office of the Chamber of Commerce in Cairo at the following address: 42 Ahmed Orabi St., Ain Shams, Cairo